as well as domestic sewage treatment, FujiClean is ideal for glamping, camp sites and off grid sustainable projects. Excellent Nitrogen/Ammonia, BOD and Suspended Solids performance. Phosphate removal as an optional extra. 

Fujiclean tank cutaway

high performance treatment

Fuji Clean’s “contact filtration” treatment is a simple, well-engineered process that consists of a controlled, circuitous flow train through anaerobic and aerobic chambers and in direct contact with assorted proprietary fixed film media on which biological digestion of organic matter occurs. Media is also designed and positioned to provide mechanical filtration of process wastewater.

The system includes two air lift pumps. The Recirculating Airlift Pump returns process water and sludge from the aerobic zone to the sedimentation chamber, recirculating 2-4 times inflow per day for CE models and 4-6 times inflow for CEN (enhanced denitrification) models.

The Effluent Airlift Pump is designed to help equalize flow and discharge treated effluent.

powered by FujiMac air pump

A FujiMAC 80, delivers 80 litres per minute (1055 gallons per hour) of air to the treatment process using only 47W of electricity, at 36dBA, 10dBA quieter than alternatives and saves more than £50 on electricity per year on a typical 6-population installation.

Aerobic packaged sewage treatment systems will only ever by as quiet, reliable and efficient as the compressor that delivers the air to the bacteria, driving the biological processes.
FujiClean uses the FujiMAC RII range of air compressors delivering Reliability alongside Efficiency.

Modern rare earth magnets and excellent Japanese production engineering support the generous warranty available on the compressor units.

FujiMAC 150 air compressor
FujiMAC 150 air compressor